Family Businesses Are Fun!

Family business is a rich tradition in the world. Having a family business dates back to ancient times. As an example: the tiny Barker’s farm in Massachusetts (only one full-time employee) ranks fourth, while the world’s largest private company—$50 billion Cargill Inc. of Minnesota—ranks 95th (reference).

Some of the markers of a family business are: staying small, this may actually be sound long-range business advice; not going public; avoiding big cities; and finally, keeping it in the family. Blood really is thicker than water as the old saying goes. There are surely families that can trace their linage back thousands of years while most businesses haven’t achieve such a record. You need all the business intelligence you can muster these days. Everyone is looking for a money making home business, there are lots of them out their but like any other business, you have to work for the money.

There are four of us in the Griffin family business and the internet is one of our family interest. So far three of us are involved in some kind of business that all come under the heading of GriffinGrid. Wanna know about family businesses on the Net, just click here.

An Overview of the Family Business
Would you like to read the Bible chronologically or find electronic Bible studies for you information and formation? You can visit our Bible Study section or signup for an electronic almost weekly study Scripture, which is fun to read but sometimes one needs to start with just a Bible Study. If you want to consider that go to Training Jesus Followers. In addition you can hear my podcast here and signup for podcast updates here and receive a free eBook for you effort. In addition, we also have created and operate a small publishing company: Harmon Press, a digital publishing company: Harmon Digital Press and a bookstore for our published books: HarmonPressBooks.

Information still drives the Net and eBooks are an Internet phenomenon. but it helps to know about writing, editing, designing, creating, marketing, and making covers for eBooks. There are over two billion places on the Net that serve up information on the word image. With that much information, it is often difficult to discover the information and help you are looking for. Folks love to click around on the Net to discover digital information. Surfing for such is a hoot! It’s almost a national pastime. We are pleased to announce that we are adding some sites that will have plenty of reading content on them.

Well speaking of pastimes, Golf is becoming a national pastime, well maybe not “the” national pastime but there sure are a lot of folks that love to play so we have developed an ever-growing knowledge guide of the buying, selling and using of golf gear and accessories.

Along with the above featured sites, there are several other sites that might interest you. Check out my son Jason’s podcast at TV Times Three. If you like parodys try The Rapture Manifesto, and finally there is the TV Aholic.

Go ahead, take GriffinGrid on a spin.

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